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Tune and Optimize Windows with WinSpeedUp

WinSpeedUp Screenshot

WinSpeedUp is an application that lets you tune and optimize Windows 98/2000/Me/2003/XP and Windows Vista to suit your computing environment and needs.

With access to Windows' hidden system options, programs can start faster, unnecessary files can be deleted from your hard drive, Internet and LAN connections will be faster, the sytem start can be accelerated, and your system will be more stable.

Windows is much too complicated to be a "one size fits all" solution to computing needs. WinSpeedUp makes it easy to tune Windows to support the way you use your computer.


Freeware, version 2.10, 3.46 MB



  • Accelerate Windows start up
  • Cleanup harddrives
  • Cleanup RAM
  • Tune start files
  • DirectX information
  • Accelerate autostart
  • Edit start menu
  • Start programs faster
  • Information about Windows
  • Adjust user defined restrictions
  • Increase internet performance
  • Cleanup registry
  • Clock synchronization via internet
  • Start Menu cleanup
  • Uninstall programs
  • Set Windows logos
  • Repair Windows
  • Hide drives
  • Integrated wizard to automatically tune your system
  • Manage fonts


Since April 2023, WinSpeedUp is freeware.



If you have an older version of WinSpeedUp installed, you can use the integrated wizard to automatically update to the latest version Alternatively, you can uninstall WinSpeedUp, download the latest version and install it.


Windows 95

Since WinSpeedUp version 2.8 we no longer support Windows 95. If you are still using Windows 95 you can download and install WinSpeedUp version 2.7. This is the last WinSpeedUp version with support for Windows 95.