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WinSpeedUp Screenshots

Clean-up hard drive

On this screen you can delete unnecessary files from your hard-drive. WinSpeedUp offers several categories of obsolete files to delete, such as temporary files, Internet Explorer cache, the "Documents" folder, program's file histories and the Start Menu.

Screenshot 1

Customize Windows

You can configure Windows to suit your needs. WinSpeedUp offers lots of options to customize the look and behavior of Windows.

Screenshot 2

Plugin support

By supporting external plugins, WinSpeedUp's functional range can be extended. New options to configure Windows and regular programs can be added easily.

Screenshot 3

Clean-up physical memory (RAM)

Having enough free physical memory (RAM) is essential to run multiple programs at the same time smoothly. WinSpeedUp can free RAM that was used by terminated programs and Windows and is no longer needed. This can be done by a timer or at a user-defined limit of free RAM.

Screenshot 4