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WinSpeedUp Translations

WinSpeedUp's interface can be translated into any language. By default, WinSpeedUp installs a German, English, French, Italian, Russian and Czech translation which you can choose when running WinSpeedUp for the first time. To change the language in WinSpeedUp, click on "Menu", "Settings", "Change Language..." and choose your preferred language.

Your own translation

We appreciate your effort of creating your own translation. You can share your translation with us and we will offer it for download on this site. To translate WinSpeedUp into your language, make a copy of the file C:\Program Files\WinSpeedUp\lang\eng.ini and translate the file with any text editor. The structure of the file is a standard Windows INI file.

The strings "%1" and "%2" are variables and are replaced by WinSpeedUp during runtime (e.g. with filenames). These variables can be placed at any position in the string, but may not be removed.

Please test your translation! Make sure that the strings are not too long and fit onto the WinSpeedUp interface. When you have finished the translation, you can send the translated file to us. We will check the quality of the translation and offer it for download on this site.