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WinSpeedUp Version History

Version 2.10 (5 April 2023)


  • Freeware

Version 2.9 (5 August 2008)


  • More sizes for L2 cache
  • Support for 4 GB RAM or more
  • Firefox cookies can be deleted instead of Netscape cookies
  • Opera 9 cookies can be deleted
  • Autostart: added Edit button
  • Autostart: shows parameters of Start Menu shortcuts
  • Shows the size of the deleted temporary files
  • BigLBA can be enabled

Error corrections:

  • Fixed error code 1030
  • Fixed error with file msstdfmt.dll
  • Fixed error after installation on Vista

Version 2.8 (23 March 2007)


  • Added support for Windows Vista
  • Better support for Windows XP Look
  • File exception list for "Clean-up drive"
  • "Software" window no longer closes after changes
  • Internet Tuning improved

Error corrections:

  • A lot of small errors were fixed

Version 2.71 (10 December 2006)


  • Enhancements on the user interface

Error corrections:

  • Error 1030 (Overflow) solved
  • Infinite loop on loading solved
  • Windows\Prefetch directory will no longer be deleted

Version 2.7 (16 August 2006)

  • New feature: optimize booting
  • User interface now fits the XP Look And Feel
  • Registry Clean-Up: enhanced search, window size changeable, backups are created faster
  • Harddrive Clean-Up: window size changeable, shows file sizes, list is sortable
  • Autostart: shows program's icon and the target path
  • eMule search history can be deleted
  • Clean-Up Start Menu: empty directories are deleted
  • Update reminder can be disabled
  • ...and much more smaller improvements and enhancements!

Version 2.63 (11 January 2005)


  • Anti-virus software will not be disabled by the wizard
  • Exceptions for Autostart entries can be defined in the file AutostartExceptions.lst, those exceptions will not be disabled by the wizard
  • The wizard will clean up the Autostart if there are 11 or more entries
  • French translation added
  • Italian translation added
  • Internal optimizations

Error corrections:

  • Registry clean-up showed fonts for deleting although they did exist
  • An error when reading the CPU load will now be catched
  • SettingFreeze did not always save registry backups
  • On some systems the MRU clean-up was errornous
  • An error that happend with incorrect Autostart entries has been corrected

Version 2.62 (16 August 2004)

Minor enhancements. The procedure to unlock WinSpeedUp has been improved.

Version 2.61 (22 November 2003)

Minor errors have been corrected.

Version 2.6 (7 October 2003)

  • Clearer and easier to use interface
  • Multilingual interface (WinSpeedUp can now be translated into any language, for more details e-mail
  • RAM clean-up function
  • Any window can be made transparent
  • Clock synchronization via Internet
  • Heavily improved registry and hard drive clean-up function
  • MRU list clean-up
  • Start Menu clean-up
  • Autostart management
  • Fonts management
  • Improve Windows security by deactivating spy functions
  • Improved autostart management
  • Improved WinSpeedUp Wizard
  • Improved SettingFreeze
  • Computer manufacturer data editable
  • Fully automatic update function
  • Plugin support: new plugins can be downloaded using the integrated update function
  • ...and much more smaller improvements!

Version 2.52 (22 July 2002)

A great step forward: This version works also with Windows 2000 and XP and brings a lot of new features such as:

  • Special tuning opportunities for Windows 2000 and XP
  • Improved Registry clean-up
  • Backup feature to roll-back your old settings
  • 2 user-modes: Beginner and Advanced user
  • ...and much more minor improvements!

Version 2.4.3 (16 March 2001)

Some minor errors and translation problems have been corrected.

Version 2.4 (1 January 2001)

This was the first English translation of the famous German WinSpeedUp.