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Davidster (Anonym)

23.01.2005 22:48:19

Icons disappeared, Norton de-activated

When I used WinSpeedUp a few problems has developed. It cleared all the icons in the Start up tray and that included the ones for Norton Antivirus and Norton Security. Now both programmes say that I need to reactivate them but when clicking of the reactivate button nothing happens.

Any thoughts?

Florian Geib
Script Soft

24.01.2005 18:12:07

Posts: 245

The WinSpeedUp Wizard deactivates most of the automatically starting programs. You can simply re-enable them by clicking on "Customize", opening tab "Autostart" and setting the checkmarks on the programs you want to auto-start.
In WinSpeedUp version 2.63 the Wizard is less "aggressive". It will not deactivate Anti-Virus tools and will only deactivate entries if there are more than 11 entries in the list. You can even define exclusions of programs that should never be deactivated by the Wizard by adding their name to the file AutostartExceptions.lst in the WinSpeedUp directory (create the file if it does not exist).
I strongly recommend you to upgrade to version 2.63.



25.01.2005 09:03:23

Icons disappeared, Norton de-activated

Who ever you are you really did save my butt!!!!!!!!
thanks so much for your simple instruction that explained
how to get my icons back on the start up tray.Everything
works back to normal
you are a star-that applies to all who helped


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