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17.09.2004 11:53:22

Doesnt' run on XP SP2 (?)

The message is that I do not have administrative rigths, but I do.
Could it be due to SP2?

Florian Geib
Script Soft

28.10.2004 21:34:35

Posts: 245

You can run WinSpeedUp with the parameter /noadmin to disable the checking for administrative rights.



17.08.2006 00:26:07

Posts: 1

Re: Doesnt' run on XP SP2

Florian, I'm having the same problem as anonymous. It says that I don't have administrative rights to this computer. Can you please tell me where to enter this into the registry. I downloaded the update, but I can't use the program yet.

Florian Geib
Script Soft

17.08.2006 17:22:03

Posts: 245

To add the parameter, open the Start menu and navigate to the link to
WinSpeedUp. Open its properties and change the path to the executable from
C:Program FilesWinSpeedUpWinSpeedUp.exe
C:Program FilesWinSpeedUpWinSpeedUp.exe /noadmin
The path to WinSpeedUp.exe may be different on your system.
If the path is typed in quotation marks, it has to look like this:
"C:Program FilesWinSpeedUpWinSpeedUp.exe" /noadmin

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